SBA Refreshes Criteria on the States for Pandemic Support Loans (COVID-19)

March 30, 2020

Washington-Today, the issue of overlooked criteria for small businesses upon economic emergency petitions of states regarding Coronavirus was spoken out by US Small Businesses Administration Executive Jovita Carranza. The concerns are a detail of the Presidential attempts to withstand the continuous spreading of the virus and to prevent further trauma on the country’s economy.

SBA Refreshes Criteria on the States for Pandemic Support Loans Queries for Small Businesses suffered by COVID-19

Previously the government had already taken care of such aspects of the economy of the country as individual loans.  Additionally, student loans have experienced major relief after the President signed on the new declaration regarding the student loan payments. Now it's the turn of small businesses to thank the government for the rapid actions they take during the fight against the pandemic.

There will be a couple of rapid impacts thanks to the rule revision

Acceptance steps for support-seeking States will be more rapid and simpler. Previously there were to be at least 5 small businesses named on the documents of the petition and injured status certification because of disaster, also mentioning that the businesses should be situated in nearby territories. The edited requirements now don’t demand those businesses to be located in the same county. 

A further examination shows that the aforementioned loans are only available for the small businesses of such areas, which are counted as disaster territories. The rule will work across the state and will refer to both contemporary and upcoming disaster support declarations regarding COVID-19.

Carranza is an American politician from the Republican Party. Since the start of the year, she is the head of Small Business Administration. Before that, she was the official 44th Treasurer of the country for three years from 2017 to 2020. Despite her 70 years of age she's still actively taking care of the branch where she is the leader. 

In Carranza’s words, their branch appreciates SMB owners’ willingness to cooperate with the  US Government, through their aim is to make it possible for small businesses to profit from credits of not only traditional but also non-traditional lending too. As a result, the new regulations will enable getting immediate disaster support for the affected small businesses, regardless of the location. 

By the refreshed rule, the said loans can suggest assistance reaching 2 million US dollars. It may help them survive through the uncertain times that the world-spread virus has brought with it.

How is the Disaster Assistance Lending Done?

As the revised criteria are signed by Donald Trump on the Disaster Loan Declaration, this financial support will be low on interest rates. Non-profit organizations will also benefit from the updated criteria, as they are counted as resembling the impacted small businesses.

As soon as the rule is changed, the Economic Disaster Assistance Loans are lent to make stable debt payments, payrolls, and bills that can’t be paid for. The difference between nonprofit and small businesses is that their interest rates are 2.75% and 3.75%, respectfully.

Small Business Administration enables long-term repayments reaching up to the longest 30 years. However, it all depends on the financial abilities of the business.

The Head of the Administration announced that they are taking the most vital steps to make the consumers satisfied. After hearing the news about the updated rules,  small business owners couldn't be so worried as they were a day before.

United States: Small Business Administration’s Legacy

The SBA or the Small Business Administration of the United States of America has a task to make the country’s citizens’ dreams a lively truth. The administration, sponsored by the country’s Government enables small businesses in their prosperity and growth. Over thousands of small businesses have felt the helping hand of the  Small Business Administration. As a result, they have jumped over huge obstacles that interrupted their growth. The Administration has Partnerships with lots of different companies and possesses a wide network that is always there to support your small business and help you recover from natural disasters that have had a huge impact on the financial situation, such as the controversial COVID-19. Small Business Administration continuously stands aside every small business and will willingly take actions,  assigned to them by the Head of the Government.