Questions & Answers

Payday Loans

What is a payday loan (paycheck advance)?
This is a short-term loan that is usually characterized by having a fast loan-request process. Usually, the cash is deposited to the borrower’s bank account within one or two working days, although same-day transfers are also possible in select situations.
How are the payday loans repaid?
Online payday loans are most commonly repaid through the customer’s bank account. If there is enough money for the loan, it is automatically withdrawn on the last day of your repayment term.
What are the requirements to qualify for online payday loans?
The payday advances are known to have basic requirements which are easy to meet, and they include:
• Being 18 years of age or more.
• Being a US citizen or a permanent resident.
• Providing a working email address and a phone number.
• Having a provable source of regular income of at least $1000.

Everyone who meets these eligibility criteria can submit a loan request on our website.
What is the maximum loan amount that can be obtained?
The maximum amount that the customers can expect to get is $2500, however, the amount that the lenders suggest can vary based on several factors, including your monthly income, credit score, and others. So, you will find out the amount that you can get after you submit your loan request and get the decision from the direct lenders.
How the borrowers get their cash?
There is no need to change your current physical location to get the cash if you have been notified about being approved for the loan, as you will get your funds deposited directly into the bank account that you have provided in the online form.
Are the interest rates of short term loans high?
Payday loans tend to have higher interests than other loan options, however they are still widely used because the terms for repayment are short and the total APR is reasonable, especially if these loans are used to deal with emergent expenses and prevent further bigger costs.
Do I need paper-based documents along with the loan request form to qualify?
Most often the lenders do not require any hard-copies and accept the scanned versions of the necessary documents, however, some direct lenders may still request them, especially if it’s the first time you use their services. So, this question needs to be clarified with the lender once you get connected with him/her.
Can I have more than one short-term loan at a time?
Most lenders will still approve your loan request if you have another loan if they find your monthly income sufficient to take care of both repayments on time. However, state regulations also have some limitations, so the place you live in also matters.

Personal Loans

Can I submit my loan request from my phone?
Our website is mobile-friendly, so you can easily fill out the online form and submit it with your phone or any other mobile device.
Which is the maximum amount that can be borrowed?
The maximum amount suggested by the personal loan direct lenders is $100,000, but the amount that you each customer will be able to obtain is different. The lenders operate according to different rules and depending on where you apply from, the state regulations may also be different, so you can find it out once you connect your lender.
How can I use my cash?
Online personal loans differ from the traditional ones and the online direct lenders do not put any boundaries on how the borrowers can spend their money. So, whether you need the cash to obtain a vehicle or taking care of medical costs, you are free to decide how to make use of them.
Will my credit score be checked?
There is no hard credit check applied during processing your loan request form, however, most lenders do soft check the information that you have provided but your credit score will not be affected even if you get rejected for a personal loan.
How quickly can I get my loan?
First of all, it will take a few minutes to fill in the loan request form and after that, you will need to wait a day or two to get funded if your request is approved. In some cases, especially if the online form was submitted early in the morning and during the working days, the funding can be done even in a couple of hours.
What information do I need to provide in the loan request form?
There are three main sections in the online form which include personal information, financial information, as well as employment information. Overall, there are about 20 information gaps that need to be filled in.
Can bad credit customers use your services?
Yes, we suggest personal loans for bad credit score as well, so there is no reason to worry about being rejected because your FICO assessment is low.
Are the APRs for online personal loans high?
Personal loans have comparatively lower interest rates than other loans with shorter repayment terms, so they are quite competitive, but you can find out the exact APR after you get connected with the direct lender.

Installment Loans

Why are they called installment loans?
The name of these loans comes from the way they are repaid, i.e. with an equal amount of monthly payments, otherwise called installments.
Who is eligible for using these loans?
The eligibility criteria include a) being of legal age (18+), b) being a US resident, c) having a steady income of at least $1,000 per month, and d) having a valid email address and a phone number to be able to contact you.
How do I know about my loan decision?
The customers get notified about the positive or a negative loan decision either by an email or a phone call usually during the same or the next day.
How soon can I get my cash?
Depending on when you submit your loan request, you will be able to use your cash in one or two business days. If you want to get quick funding, you need to fill out and submit the online form during the working days, before 11:50 AM, and your loan request will be processed during the same day.
Should I visit the office?
No, the entire process is held online due to our online platform and the direct lenders working with us. So, from submitting your loan, to repaying it, you can do everything without leaving your physical location.
Can I Choose My Repayment Schedule?
The repayment plan will be developed according to your income and your preferences as well. So, most lenders discuss the periods of the month you find most appropriate to make payments and try to make the schedule most comfortable for you.
How do Installment loans differ from payday loans?
With installment loans, the customers have longer terms of repayment and a bigger sum that can be availed. So, the installment loans may be used for a wider variety of financial problems and the total amount is easier to repay with smaller portions each month.
Can I get installment loans with a bad credit score?
Yes, the direct lenders connected with our platform accept all credit scores, which makes this loan option highly available for larger groups of people.