About Us

Shinycash is an online connecting platform that grants an opportunity to connect online direct lenders and get the funds in the quickest manner. Bear in mind that this platform is not a lender of the funds like banks or credit organizations, it only acts as a connecting entity.

Our philosophy

The Shinycash accomplishes a business service based on some fundamental principles. We know that everyone may have a need of hassle-free loan at any time, thus, we do not ask about the reasons of seeking some extra cash. Primary principles of Shinycash are regarded to be the privacy and quality of the provided services. According to our set principles we strive to provide the best financial assistance as it can be imagined. In contrast to other online platforms, Shinycash provides not only online payday loans that have already gained a huge popularity but also personal loans and installment loans. The service provided by Shinycash includes an easy loan request procedure, quick responses, direct connection with the lenders of the funds and, of course, quick provision of the credit.

Who we are

Shinycash is an online company that aims to provide a financial support to those who face a financial inconsistency and only a cash in hands may be a solution to their problems. Shinycash is not the lender of the funds, alternatively, it acts as a connecting body between the potential applicants and online direct lender. In other words, the service provided by our platform embodies a connecting bridge. Some people think that finding a lender of funds is not a problem, you take the money and agree to return it back on the exact date. You think it is as simple as it sounds? Definitely no. Nowadays, the scammers occupy the financial market of the US and each of us must be extremely conscious when the issue links to our personal finance. By using Shinycash you can get rid of thoughts that scammers may steal your funds, as the security is paramount. Besides the funds that scammers may probably steal, there is one essential thing that cheaters may access: personal information, so, you are recommended to use only trustworthy service providers and try to escape the financial traps.

Shinycash may seem to be an ordinary website that provides a financial aid, however, we are a company with finance specialists that are ready at any time when you need a credit. This is the main background why you can get the quick loan request responses. We also have a group of specialists that are monitoring each kind of regulatory changes to ensure that everything complies with the laws and regulations.

Why Shinycash?

Shinycash entered the industry of lending after  spacious and detailed researches. In contrast to other service providers we understand that we are able to provide much more specialized and comprehensive financial support as we are entitled to offer three kinds of diversified services: online payday loans, personal loans and installment loans.

Convenience and speed

As we know the time is the one and only think that none of us can alter it back, thus, we put the emphasis on the speed and convenience during the lending process. You can simply fill out your loan request and wait for your funds that will be directly deposited to your bank account without any need to make visits or deal with the annoying paperwork.

Minimum requirements

As soon as you comply with the requirements stipulated by the online direct lenders, be informed that 99% of the job is done. Unlike other connecting platforms, Shinycash tries to keep the applicants informed about the set regulation and requirements, as only awareness may lead us to success.

Absence of visits

Unlike a great number of traditional lenders, Shinycash does not require the physical presence of the applicant, as the same job may be accomplished fully online by providing an appropriate information.

Short term

ShinCash provides an opportunity to pay off the credit within a short period of time that, consequently, enables the applicants to get rid of bearing burden of obligations for a long period of time. It also helps to escape the financial rollovers and other kind of financial traps.