Payday Advance Near Me

Posted on: April 1, 2020
Payday Advance Near Me

Payday advance loans are closer than you think! Everyone who searches for “payday advance near me”  here’s the good news - you have arrived at your destination! Shinycash is your one-stop shop for all the emergency financial solutions. We offer stress-free payday advance loans online that are accessible to most, require minimum time and effort. 

What we offer at Shinycash:

  • No hidden fees. You are presented with all the terms and conditions of your loan upfront, so you can make the right choice and justified decisions before entering into the loan agreement.
  • Vast network of credible lenders. We only choose reliable direct lenders to work with who meet our strict criteria of credibility and dependability.
  • Data security. Our privacy policy clearly states that we do not sell your personal information to anyone. Your personal information is exclusively used by accredited employees to verify your identity and put you in contact with your lender.
  • Quick processing. It virtually takes you a couple of minutes to fill out and submit our online form. Which is followed by almost instant qualification check and decision-making. 
  • Direct deposits. If approved for a loan, the money is deposited straight to your bank account as quickly as in one business day, depending on your bank processing schedule and the time of your request submission. 

Why should I get my payday advance loan from Shinycash?

Bad or a brief credit history can get into your way to finding financial relief you seek from traditional sources such as banks and credit companies. Plus, they impose so many requirements and conditions that you need to meet to be even considered. Furthermore, the processing time from the moment you gather all necessary documentation to submit your application to the moment when you actually have the desired money at your disposal is drastically longer. We’re talking about weeks, perhaps months of waiting. That simply cannot work when it comes to handling financial emergencies. Sometimes, every minute counts and you just do not have the luxury of time. Shinycash is saving you time and stress by making the process of applying and getting the loan a breeze. This, of course, does not mean that we compromise on the quality of the service we provide. The trick is not just making things work fast, but to make things work fast and flawless.

How are we different from others?

Short-term loans are oftentimes accompanied by higher interest rates. It’s especially the case with payday advance loans. However, even if those rates are higher than traditional loans, they still don’t have to be outrageous. Repaying your payday advance loan should not become another problem after you solve your financial emergency that led to taking out that loan. We are here to protect you from outrageous interest rates and help protect your financial stability. We monitor the agreements between our lenders and borrowers and make sure the terms and conditions meet our guidelines. This is our way to protect your financial health, and help you avoid being dragged into an endless loop of dept.

If you have any questions about how these loans work, about your submission or your rights or anything else, we have a list of FAQ that you can check out to find the answer, for more personal inquiries about your particular case a quick email to our customer service is another way to get you an answer. We are very responsive and work 24/7 for your convenience. 

Our online loan request process also sets us apart from others. Online payday advance loans are created to cater financial emergencies. It only makes sense when it’s fast. We took it to the next level by making it almost instantaneous. Submit your request now and get a decision right away. An on-the-spot, quick decision means you'll get connected to a lender within minutes, which means you will start getting offers that you can consider in no time. Once you make up your mind to proceed with an offer, it’ll only take one to two days to get your money. We don’t have many options in making the transfer of funds quicker, just because it depends on your application timing and your bank.