Installment Loans VS Payday Loans

Posted on: March 29, 2020
Installment Loans VS Payday Loans

Financially emergent situations are one of the common happenings that each of us can potentially come across at a moment's notice. However, apart from being equipped with necessary cash, we need to possess an important piece of knowledge in order to customize personally made decisions under the actual needs.

For instance, once you are required to replenish your monetary resources with extra cash advances, you have to clearly understand what kinds of means can help you out the most. Today, we are going to understand the nature and mission of two popular credit instruments available to get in the US lending market: installment loans with high approvals and small emergency payday loans.

The main difference between Installment Loans and Payday Loans with Quick Approvals  

First and foremost, it is important to get acquainted with the ideology of both credit products and only after that look for much-desired loans.

Let’s start our comparison with a major difference related to repayment terms. Nearly everyone knows that payday loans with same-day deposits are constructed to be non-banking products with a comparably short repayment scheme. Under the term short, we need to understand typically one month, as so-called paycheck loans need to be paid off until the borrower’s next salary. On the other hand, you need to know that one month is not a concrete limit, as you can easily come across with 3-month payday loans. All in all, you need to shop for payday loans once you are planning to return the borrowed amount within a short period of time.

In contrast to payday instruments, installment loans with no credit checks are directed to serve relatively long-term needs, thus if you seek long-lasting obligations, try not to juice up your budget with small credits, otherwise, the huge non-compliance can easily lead your stability to devastation.

What about the Repayment Method?

Installment Loans VS Payday Loans

Have you ever come up with the phenomenon of lump-sum payments? In all probability, you may know about one-time payments once you deal with quick advance loans. To put it simply, lump-sum payments offer a repayment of the entire amount through one single installment. Look, once you sign the agreement for payday cash loans, you are giving your consent to return the principal amount and calculated interest altogether in one payment. From the point of convenience, it can seem an absolutely advantageous deal, as borrowers will not hold the burden for a long time.  

However, once you want to trade for a loan with a balanced repayment plan, you are highly recommended to turn your choice to installment loans. Why? Firstly, let’s state that installment loans similar to 24/7 personal loans did employ absolutely stabilized repayment terms, as borrowers do possess equally divided repayments throughout the entire period.

Installment loans VS Payday Loans. Which one requires backed collateral?

Mostly, payday loans do not require any collateral against the provided cash as the range of funds is not as big as it can be in the case of installment products. This is the main reason why direct deposit lenders have entirely abandoned the strategy of requesting valuable assets in the exchange of funds.

The situation in the case of installment loans is not as definite, as both collateralized and uncollateralized credits are available to shop for. Let’s start with the idea that installment loans can be taken out not only from online direct lenders but also from traditional ones like banks or credit unions. Today, most of the old-style creditors do practice terms related to mandatory collateral, consequently, if you want to cooperate with them, you probably have to pledge security against. Nevertheless, as soon as demands on compulsory collateral are entirely unacceptable for your exact case, you can leave behind the traditional hassle and turn to online direct lenders.

How can Borrowers shop for Payday and Installment Loans Online on a remote basis?

Both of the above-mentioned credits are available to obtain from online lenders, however, the notable point of how to connect online creditors steel remains vague. Firstly, you need to find a lender-connecting platform and get in touch with trustworthy lenders using a reliable source. Our platform: does support linking services absolutely online, and what is more important; it offers not only payday or installment credits but also online personal loans supported by legitimate lenders. 

How to get Bad Credit Loans with the help of Shinycash?

Some borrowers define bad credit loans as something dangerous or irrelevant; however, it is absolutely possible to take out bad credit loans with reasonable rates through We are one of the unique lender-connecting platforms specialized in three kinds of modern product: payday, installment and personal loans. Thus, never consider your bad credit score as an apocalypse just submit your credit proposal and get linked to licensed bad credit lenders only.