$2500 Installment Loans for Bad Credit

Posted on: October 15, 2021
$2500 Installment Loans for Bad Credit 

Having less than perfect credit significantly lowers your borrowing power and limits the choice of funding options available out there. However, bad credit installment loans may still offer a feasible alternative allowing you to get a loan and pay it back over a long period. 

When determining your creditworthiness, many online lenders examine your repayment ability rather than just considering your credit history (or otherwise debt-to-income ratio). To have more precise information, let's go through bad credit installment loans for bad credit in further detail. 

What is a Bad Credit Installment Loan? 

Most credit scores (such as VantageScore and FICO Score) vary within 300-850. As a rule, the higher your credit score, the better is your borrowing ability. If you have bad credit (usually referred to as the credit range of 300-579), you will probably be considered a high-risk borrower who may default on a loan or at least fall behind the credit repayment. However, $2500 installment loans online available to take out through Shinycash.com may offer you a quick funding option irrespective of your credit rating. This is because most lenders don't qualify your credit request solely based on your credit history. Borrowers with poor or no credit may opt for this option to receive quick approval loans once the emergency hits. 

What are Bad Credit Installment Loans Used for?

An installment loan is a flexible product that may be used for a variety of everyday costs such as:

Home/Car Repair

Commonly, house or automobile repair occurs when you least expect it. Whether you need new car tires to last up the season, have a non-working heater during winter times, or have a leaky roof, an $2500 installment loan may come into practice. 

Surprise Medical Bills

Having health insurance is not a hundred percent guarantee as you may come across a hefty medical bill at a given point in time. However, with a $2500 installment loan for bad credit, you can easily tackle unexpected medical expenses and ease financial stress at short notice. 

Unexpected Costs

Whether you deal with a larger-than-expected tax burden or whatever unforeseen costs may be, you can go for installment loans for poor credit, even if you don't have a perfect credit history.

00 Installment Loans for Bad Credit  

$2500 Installment Loan for Bad Credit: Pros & Cons

Installment loans, like other funding alternatives, have their own set of benefits and disadvantages, which include:


Payback Plan: The credit repayment period for bad credit installment loans may range from some months to a couple of years, mainly depending on the loan amount. 

More Extended Borrowing Limits: Unlike other forms of quick loans that only enable you to borrow a few hundred dollars, an installment loan for bad credit allows you to secure cash advances with higher limits. 

Fixed Installments: Budgeting with $2500 installment loans is incomparably easier since you'll be repaying your loan through regular monthly installments. 


Fees: Dependent on the installment loan option you go for, you may be charged additional fees such as origination or prepayment. 

Interest Rate: Compared to a secured loan, such as a home equity loan, a bad credit installment loan may have a high interest rate, making it comparably expensive.